Andrew Camilleri / Kukks

I'm a full-stack software consultant based in Denmark/Malta and mostly specializing in web-focused .NET applications that work within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I've worked in various IT industries over the years: from investment to iGaming software. I currently contribute and work on projects around BTCPay Server, an open-source, self-hosted bitcoin payment processor using C#, Vue and Docker.

My current work is funded through the BTCPay Server Foundation, a non-profit organization that receives generous grants from corporations to keep us focused on our mission:

Bitcoin mass adoption through self-sovereignity principles.

If you think I've helped you in some way and wish to support my work, or just wish to see a quick demo of the awesome-ness that BTCPay Server offers, consider sending me a donation:

I offer consultancy services in case you need custom solutions. Feel free to reach out to me if you have a project in mind and wish to collaborate!

Special thanks goes to BTSE who did a BTCPay Server Foundation grant specifically to me, to be able to dedicate all my energy without constraints to making BTCPay Server the best FOSS Bitcoin platform.